Midland BT2 Twin Pack


Developed by bikers for bikers, the Midland BT2 Intercom represents the very latest in design & technical innovation in motorcycle comms & media enjoyment.

Not only can you connect wirelessly to several devices at once, you can also talk rider to pillion or bike to bike up to a range of 100m between headsets.

Need more range when talking bike to bike or have mere than one person to talk to? No problem! Just plug in a two way radio to your Midland BT2 Intercom to boost your bike to bike range up to 5km!

Want music on the move? The Midland BT2 Intercom will connect to your phone's built in MP3 player or any Bluetooth enables device & will allow you to "remote control" some of your music players features from the headset.

If you have any non Bluetooth enabled audio devices (such as MP3/CD players or Sat-Nav), then you can still connect them to the headset thanks to the built in physical connection on the headset module.


  • Midland BT2 Intercom Twin Pack
  • Bluetooth 2.0 Stereo Standard Connection
  • Headset/Hands free/A2DP protocols
  • Connects to all existing Motorcycle Bluetooth enabled GPS Sat-Nav
  • Three large buttons allow you to "remote control" your mobile phone or MP3 player from the headset
  • AUX jack for physical connections to audio/radio devices
  • Supplied with open and closed face helmet microphones
  • Supplied with 2 types of attachment clamp, allowing you to fit the Bluetooth module to open, flip front and closed face helmets
  • Supplied with speakers, charger, battery & AUX audio connection cable

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